Bts reaction to you falling asleep on them

BTS reaction to them officially confirming their relationship with BTS Reaction to finding you sleeping on a drawing of them. Jin: “Okay calm down Jin,” he says to himself, swallowing nervously (gif). Jan 31, 2018 · bts react - asking them to stay; request: you ask them to stay with you at your place for the night. a/n: multiple people requested i continue the previous reaction to include the maknae line, so here it is! thank you everyone for the support xx You BTS Reaction: Falling Asleep on Them Request: Oh! Oh! Can I request another written reaction? To you falling asleep during a movie and ending up using them as a pillow? Possibly mutually liking each other and you sort of suspect but neither of you has taken the first step? With BigBang… And BTS if possible? EXO's reaction to you falling asleep on them during a car ride Anon said: Exo reaction to you falling asleep during a car ride & putting your head on their Home Ask About the admin Archive Masterlist Rules/Guidelines To-do BTS reaction ♡ their crush falling asleep on them. (you’re not a couple, it’s kind of a “friends who like each BTS REACT TO YOU FALLING ASLEEP ON THEM (25 days of Bangtan: Day 2) NamJoon: 2 episodes into Supernatural, you had fallen asleep on NamJoon’s lap. P ver. V for a long time while waiting for Jungkook to come back from practice and when he finally did, you were snoring on the sofa with the T. Exo Reaction To Their Girlfriend Falling Asleep On Their Chest. BTS Reaction: Falling Asleep in Their Lap i haven’t done a reaction in a really long time, and i’ve missed writing them so i decided to put this one together as a break from my big writing ASTRO's reaction to you falling asleep on them As requested by @puppycat-eyes ⭐️ “ MJ ” That lil’ sunshine would just pull out his phone and start talking dozens of silly selfies with your sleeping BTS Reaction: They find out their S/O has a chronic illness when she/he has a bad episode. request: “Hi, so if you could, can you please make the guys react to finding their crush on a bed sleeping and either find them in a cute position or funny position. . Bts Reaction to their s/o accidentally kicking them in the knads . (oh and fyi the reader has a platonic relationship with the boys, so they’re just close friends. The boys told you he’d been asleep for hours but didn’t have the heart to wake BTS Reacts: Rolling on Top of Them While You’re Sleeping Rapmon:on the outside: “So you’re gonna to sexily lay on top of me and pretend to be asleep? I see you…” on the inside: “Look at her! Jan 07, 2018 · Day6 Reaction To Their S/O Falling Asleep While Cuddling With Them *GIFs Not Mine* Reaction Masterlist. A. Although the genre is different, he feels @BTS_twt is another example of those who enhance Korea's national prestige/make Korea proud 😊 [This video is muted] fullcrdt: charts_k -shay BTS REACTION: You’re on He played your hair as he said this only causing you to fully relax not even being able to answer him as you were slowly falling asleep. He would bend his shoulder lower so that your neck could be more comfortable. O: Though he wouldn’t admit it at first, D. Cold bed. for real tho, he would be the one to fall asleep in your arms. -” before you could answer, they were already on top of you, cuddling you until you were laughing. Anonymous said: Could I request a reaction for DAY6? When their significant other falls asleep on them while there cuddling? Jae: *obviously finds it adorable. Read Falling asleep in their arms from the story BTS Reactions by akatengu (Rin) with 21,726 reads. He would cherish the moments where he could Jul 11, 2016 · He’ll be home soon… But, a little rest for the eyes wouldn’t hurt as well. Oct 02, 2016 · BTS reaction to you singing them to sleep after a long day of work. BTS reaction: you fangirling over them “A/N: Thank you so much for 1000 followers! ♥ To celebrate I’ve opened my requests! You can request here after you’ve read this ~ Masterlist ” Seokjin You’d be Bts Reaction: when you fall asleep on them. Originally posted by slapmon. Basically, just as the title says, y Read BTS reaction to you falling asleep on them from the story BTS Imagines & Scenarios by thelostonesechos (Tae Bae Slays) with 3,039 reads. BTS reaction: You taking care of them when they’re sick Jin Both of you loved trying out new restaurants, especially when you traveled. BTS Reaction: Waking Them Up From A Nap Jin: You walked into the studio, spotting Jin fast asleep in the corner. BTS Reaction to you wanting to Dye their hair. BigBang Reaction: Falling Asleep on Them Request: Oh! Oh! Can I request another written reaction? To you falling asleep during a movie and ending up using them as a pillow? Possibly mutually liking each other and you sort of suspect but neither of you has taken the first step? With BigBang… And BTS if possible? BTS when you fall asleep next to them in the car - THIS TURNED OUT SO CUTE I WAS BLUSHING WHILE I WRITING IT this is not a professional reaction blog, I just do BTS reaction: falling asleep while waiting for them B. Since that day, Taehyung made a habit of tracing his fingers over them every time you were asleep next to him, just because he liked them so much. He doesn’t have it in him to wake you up so he stays and tells the others to be quiet. After BTS’s concert, both of you decided to visit a restaurant Sep 20, 2018 · How BTS Love Each Other - Try Not To Cry Challenge - Duration: 20:54. Anonymous asked: BTS reaction to s/o being into anime. Jin: He would roll over and be woken up with your legs being tangled in his with your face inches away from his. When he pulled the blanket away to climb in next to you he’d notice you were Anonymous said: BTS reaction to cuddling with and then you fall asleep on them? I don't know if you have got done this. BTS reaction to their S/O watching anime . Request: could you please do a BTS reaction to you sleeping in their sweatshirt and they see you after returning late from practice? A/N: i’m so sorry for the delay. BTS admiring you and you’re pregnant belly. V still on. BTS reaction: falling asleep while waiting for them B. But I stranglely also see him placing a bet with you as to who would fall asleep BTS: His reaction to you trying to leave him ( mafia au) Part 2/2. Seokjin unfortunately learned this the hard way when he had done it accidentally only to have to face your wrath. Your kids would practically be falling asleep by the time they had to go home as they’d be so tired out from playing all day. Awkward as heck. Namjoon. He’d be amazed by your voice, wanting to listen for as long as possible even though he knew he had to sleep. Jimin. BTS Reacts to you falling out of love with them . “We love you mommy!” his son screamed. Nov 26, 2017 · The Argument | BTS Reaction; Summary: You and your boyfriend had a huge argument, it ended up with him yelling at you in a way you’d never seen him do before and he ended up scaring you. My baby is tired! Oppa shall give you a kiss good BTS Reaction - You Offering To Give Them A Foot Massage Thanks for the request @lunchboxesandchoklitcows ! I hope you like it <3 _____ J-Hope - *Be prepared for the rest of the night consisting of both of you switching roles the whole night, from you giving him a massage to him giving you one and so on* BTS Reaction - Cuddling Them In Your Sleep Unconsciously Thanks for the request! I hope you like it <3 _____ J-Hope - *He’d try his very best not to wake you up from so much cuteness overload he would have and would make sure that you’re in the most comfortable position* Mar 26, 2018 · BTS Reaction: You Say Sweet Things To Them In Italian A/N: ooo I’ve been waiting to do this because I like Italy. Reactions. You run away from them . BTS reaction to you sleeping in their shirt Jin: He’d come late from practice to see you wrapped in a blanket on his bed. He will even pick you up and carry you to bed BTS reaction when you fall asleep on them Thank yo so much for the request I hope you like it <3 J-Hope: *He’d try to contain himself when he saw how adorable you looked and so he’d cup the side of you head lightly and would rub small circles into your hair with his thumb* Monsta X Reaction to: Their S/O Falling Asleep on Them and Cuddling Up to Them Authors Note: Thank you so much for the request! I’m so sorry it’s late!! >_< I hope you like it!!! BTS reaction - to you (their crush) falling asleep on them Jin: Would be a gentleman about it and just smile down at you while he put his jacket over your shoulders to keep you warm Namjoon: He would just giggle at how cute you are, snuggling into his chest, but also take the opportunity to “make a move”, and put his arm around your waist You weren’t feeling well so you and Taehyung decided to end the day quicker. BTS Reaction: You hugging them sleepily Yoongi Yoongi was in the living room, playing the piano and testing out different melodies and such while you were in your bedroom trying to get some work done. Jan 29, 2018 · BTS Mafia! Reaction to you being drunk and not recognizing them Kim Seokjin/ Jin Jin would be very confused when he heard loud bangs come from downstairs, pulling his gun he walked downstairs to be BTS reaction: sleeping with their crush. BTS Reaction ↴ You Accidentally Turn Them On. He didn’t realize until he heard a little noise come BTS’ Reaction to You Falling Asleep On/Next to Them♡ Kim Seokjin Jin would probably be telling you about something while your head lay on his lap. Hearing your little snors as you drape your head on his shoulder to rest your eyes. Jin: Quietly he opened the door to your apartment. Kim Seokjin. Please try again later. “Now no one will believe you that you are as tough as you want them to believe you Anonymous said: reaction of BTS seeing that you fell asleep while waiting for them to finish working on their new song in the studio Answer: DUDE. would be somewhat flustered if you were to fall asleep on his chest. Jin. He Bts reaction to when their S/O falls asleep on another member Request said: BTS reaction to their S/O falling asleep on another member (platonically) Reactions: Jin: You were heading out of the Request; Bts reaction to you masturbating next to them and you think that they’re asleep. hello anon friend!!! Thanks for staying a loyal follower haha I am going to assume that you want it to be as if their crush fell asleep on them while they were together if not please send me a message correcting me and I shall fix it. coups / Seungcheol : He would look over at you with loving May 16, 2017 · BTS - Reaction to You Fainting Into Their Arms. Anon Requested: Hey can you do a BTS reaction of when you are scared of a thunder storm and you want to sleep with them cause you are to scared to sleep by yourself ! BTS Reaction To You Crying From Missing them. Bts Reaction to you making them wear Matching onesies. BTS Reaction to you (Their Crush) Falling Asleep on Their Shoulder My first reaction! ~Admin 고양이 [[MORE]]Jin: Jin would feel a little bit torn. You got a little too excited as you ran down the stairs and managed to slip on the last couple of steps. His heart broke, but he tried to hold himself together and told you that he’d be there as soon as he possibly could. I feel like Suho would be quick to trying to get you to trust him. :) Seokjin: It was already past midnight when you realized that you forgot a key to your apartment. He thinks it’s cute. Requested: SI! :D . You began to feel rather bored, Namjoon was working late, again. ~admin L. BTS Reaction To Seeing Your Baby Pictures/Videos. Nu’est reaction to their crush falling asleep on them. him being on tour and doing interviews resulted in you being very conscious in his sleep and refusing to call the, late at night. BTS Reaction of when you’re scared of a thunderstorm and don’t want to sleep alone. O. Jungkook “shit y/n don’t tell me those are real tattoos” As you nodded, Jungkook’s eye grows even rounder than before, a smile wide across his face. He would talk and talk about something like a new T. Jul 12, 2018 · BTS Reaction to: Someone Attractive Falling Asleep on Them on the Train. ) BTS reaction to their S/O kissing them to shut them up RM (Namjoon) Namjoon was in your kitchen, getting you both a drink, when he accidentally smashed one of the glasses from your cupboard. NAMJOON. Topp Dogg. YOU CUDDLING BTS IN YOUR SLEEP AND TELLING THEM YOU LOVE THEM anon said : I would like to see bts reacting to their s/o cuddling them in their sleep and saying they love them (oh the fluff) A/N: this BTS Reaction// you accidentally falling asleep in another member’s bedA/N: ANSVAJAKSND I KNEW SOMEONE WOULD REQUWST THIS SOONER OR LATER. You quickly slipped on a pair of earrings and ran out of your room and down the stairs. BTS reaction to their S/O falling asleep while supporting them at practice. BTS REACTION ♡ THEIR CRUSH FALLING ASLEEP ON THEM. Anonymous asked: pleasee could you make a reaction when s/o unable to sleep and asks to sleep with them? And they have a crush one in the other please? (im sorry if my english its bad) Originally posted by jungkooknohomo-moved. his arms around you to keep you from falling. He mumbles in his sleep, twitching every so often as Bts reaction to their s/o falling asleep in their lap: Request: May I ask for a bts reaction when their s/o falls asleep in their lap and pulls his arm over them to hold the s/o A/N: here ya GOT7 reaction to their s/o falling asleep on them while watching a movie at their apartment. Just an international Army crying in the toilet 7,997,046 views Oct 30, 2017 · BTS - Reaction to You Resting Your Head on Their Chest When You Think They Are Asleep As Requested. Seokjin: You would wait for him on the couch, watching some movies, but he was late and you ended up falling asleep. If you two where watching a movie or something and you fell asleep on his shoulder he wouldn’t be able to stop awing at your cuteness. He Anonymous said: How would Block B react if they fell asleep on you and when they wake up they notice that you (being asleep as well) haven't moved at all because you didn't want them to wake up? thank In exo k I ship you with Suho! I think Suho would really like how you can be really fun but at the same time you can also be mature and not mess around too much. When he saw you on the sofa, deeply asleep, he thought about scaring you, but he stopped his tracks as soon as he noticed that hickey on your neck. BTS Reactions To You Accidentally Giving Them A Boner ♡Seokjin♡: You weren’t very fond of people waking you up. BTS. Authors Note: Thank you so much for the request!I hope you like it!!! SEOKJIN: . but i brought it upon myself, so with that, if u r reading this i hope you are having a good day/night //ps I barely got back on the laptop but I got some more coming 4 u guys hold tight// “Thank you” I say feeling exhausted “And I’m sorry about your sheets, could I put them through the wash quickly” “Yeah, yeah of course, I can do it if you want” He offers, I smile at his kindness but I don’t think I could deal with him doing that, I already feel pretty guilty and embarrassed. You had been watching T. Bts Reaction to catching you (friend) masturbating . BTS Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Their Lap SEND REQUESTS!!!! Seokjin: This pure child you stare at you as if you were the prettiest thing in existence. reactions, bts, fluff. Jin “Oh no. BTS reaction to accidentally saying something hurtful to their S/O. You shuffled and adjusted yourself, your mouth was inches from his yoongi: i just imagine him coming home one night because he’d stayed late, walking with light footsteps and softly closing doors as he passes through them, as if not to wake you up, and then he just sees you asleep, loosely tucked under thin sheets and wearing his hoodie, and he would just pause, hand lingering on the door frame and a fond smile on his face. In exo m I ship you with Luhan! SHINee reaction to you falling asleep on top of them ‘‘Jonghyun: ‘’…okay, what am I supposed to do now?’’…he spends a whole hour trying to find an answer to that and when you eventually wake up he’s like ‘’…I can’t just tell her I’ve been staring at her face for an hour, wondering if it would be ok to kiss her. Kim Namjoon. As usual, please follow and reblog! Masterlist♡ (finally i know) ∙ BTS’ Reaction To Your Short Height♡ ∙ BTS as Perks of Being a Wallflower Characters ♡ ∙ BTS’ Reaction to You Falling Asleep On/Next to Them♡ ∙ BTS’ Reaction To You Dec 29, 2017 · BTS Reaction || You not wearing bra when you’re with them Warnings: none. Seokjin: You had decided to take a nice lunch to the boys while they were at the studio. BTS Reaction: You . Disclaimer: NSFW, kinda, also yes some of them are more descriptive, excuse me for getting too into writing it for them. It was already past midnight and the last thing he wanted to do was to wake you up. Warning Symbol for Smut : X. Yeah, 10 minutes rest will do. BTS reaction to their S/O’s lips tasting like something sweet. Bts Reacting to you falling asleep on another member. Anonymous requested: “BTS gif reaction to them coming home and finding you sleeping on top of your sketch pad that had a cute drawing of them(BTS)on it?” Anonymous said: BTS reaction on you falling asleep on another member :))) Answer: I’m not sure if I’m ready to take requests right now but I will definitely take your message into consideration! Bts Reaction Where They’re In Love With You And Comfort You During A Breakup And You Fall Asleep On Them I could just imagine how warm and comforting they would be. BTS reacting to you falling asleep on them. Request: bts reaction where you sleepy tell them that you love them and hug them while kissing their shoulders,, thank you!!! //This is my first time doing reactions so I hope you guys enjoy them. Jungkook, however, managed to catch and keep you from falling the rest o0f the way down the stairs. When Namjoon answered the phone he didn’t expect to hear a sobbing you on the other end of the line. Bts Reacting to their best friend being Reaction to you being young as Sanha but they are in love with you; Reaction to them seeing your real eye colour (You usually wear colored lenses) Reaction to their idol crush singing a part of “Baby” on Vlive; BTS: Reaction to you falling asleep on their shoulder; Reaction to them after a make out with you And twenty minutes later, a lot sooner than you would have expected them, they walked through the door, into the bedroom and. MASTERLISTS Jin You were extremely tired by the time Jin and you got to the dorm. BTS when you fall asleep on them Cuties, this is it, we have reached 101 followers (edit Dalmatian pun out) so I’ll give you two reactions again~ First this one, and then the normal one on Friday as Dec 16, 2017 · This feature is not available right now. Most to Least: Preference for cuddling Jungkook reaction to you falling asleep in his hoodie Their reaction upon coming home and seeing you fell asleep in their hoodie (which is obv too big for you)? Jungkook would come home after a long day at work finding you asleep on the couch, the lamp still on. A/N: Thank you so much every one that have supported us and that followed us. You didn’t want to ruin date night though. I'm happy you're back! :) Also sorry for my broken english. You had not been feeling the best but you knew how much your boyfriend would love for you to surprise him, especially with food. He would grin at how perfect you were, BTS reaction: s/o loves anime. Scenario for all for them, your boyfriend have invited one of the members over for movie night, and you still have in your vibrator having forgotten to take it out, and the vibrator is left on the couch. “What are you. Bts Reaction to you hyping up their new album . I went there exactly one year ago for spring break. S. BTS reaction to one of their twins feeling left out . BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep Seokjin: Jin found the fact that even in your sleep you reached out for him absolutely adorable. BTS Reaction you collapsing from PTSD A/N: Thank you to the lovely @fuckmeupbetch for the request! Also, I’m sorry my reactions are always so long, I keep thinking of mini oneshot ideas instead of A/N: Enough people sleep on them already, so they’re used to it don’t worry. It would be better to see them when I am a little more energetic. Seventeen Reaction : you cuddling close to them Request : Seventeen reaction to you cuddling close to them while sleeping but they’re awake S. We just started this account and we are close to having our first 100 followers so thank you so much. Originally posted by hope-film. Thank you~~~ Mark: It was the first time in a long time you and Mark had sat down to watch one of your favorite movies. request: bts reaction to their crush hanging out at their dorm and falling asleep on them? specifically the hyung line? You had waited up for him after his schedule for the day, so you were already pretty tired by the time he texted you to invite you around the dorms. but he was surprised when he saw you asleep. I hope you like it @little-miss-sherlock Lots of lub to youu 💕💕 Smol Warning: This involves certain health Masterlist. @heybtsmarryme asked: BTS reaction to their s/o singing them to sleep after a long day of work, pls:D J-Hope/Hoseok. Namjoon knew by the way your breathing became more shallow and the small whimpers that you were touching yourself. hoseok, taehyung BTS reaction to you falling asleep on them during a movie Summary: you’re watching a movie with him and you end up falling asleep on them. Request: Hii, can I have a BTS reaction to you grinding on them? Kim Namjoon. Namjoon knew that you were a little in love with him. Jin would become a little flustered but wouldn’t dare to move them. P. Minnie would be star struck at the sight of you sleeping in his arms. Anytime that you rolled over to hold him he would lift “Could you do seventeen and BTS reacting to their girlfriend falling asleep on their shoulder? Thanks!” Here you go anon! :) (This legit took me forever lol) Rap Monster: Would softly smirk to himself that you finally gave in and went to sleep. He would do anything for you and would never lie. Jin: He’d find it really cute. You ran off and began to cry. Suga- You could hear the sound of leaves crunching under your foot as you ran away from the cabin that yoongi rented out for you on your anniversary. Aug 12, 2017 · BTS reaction to when you sleepy tell them that you love them and hug them while kissing their shoulders. Originally posted by bangtanroyalty. Deciding to spice things up, you moved to straddle his lap, innocently sitting yourself down before you began to slowly, teasing rock your hips back and forth. this hurt to write. Can you Please make a BTS reaction when their s/o really want to cuddle and they’re too shy to ask but the boys sorta figures it out that they wanna cuddle? pleease and thank youuu For ANON Hope you like it illi Gifs are not mine Namjoon You’ve been chilling on the couch for quite a while now, he was working with his computer on some new You only wake up when you hear the maknae-line’s loud fake gagging. Just as you slept, the one you were waiting for came back home and saw your resting body on the sofa. He found it too damn hot and cool. To the anon who requested this, thank you so much! Gong Yoo mentioned how he feels the status of Korean movies has changed when he is now recognized abroad because of his movies & he is proud. Originally posted by mean-suga. Bts Reaction to you not wanting them to meet your friends BTS Reaction | finding their crush asleep in a funny / cute position. D. Genre: slight smut, comedy, fluff, bestfriend!bangtan. Scene - It been two days since you’ve talked to your boyfreind. BTS Reaction- Waking Up Next To You For The First Time he'd realise that he ended up cuddling with you and you both ended up falling asleep in his bed and the Jun 20, 2017 · BTS - you fall asleep and rest your head on their shoulder. Jul 26, 2019 · bts reaction: you falling asleep on their bed ↳ i dreamt about this scenario… not that i was in it (my dreams arent that good) but that i wrote it lol. He prefers to watch dramas and lengthy movies, but he’s willing to watch a few series with you (but only if he deems them good enough). Taehyung stayed up, wanting to see you fall asleep to make sure you were okay before falling asleep himself. He looked at you worriedly as you moved for the 100th time that night, unknowingly placing your head on Tae’s stomach. - “Request: Are requests open? If so, can I request BTS reacting to you falling asleep and accidentally resting your head on their Feb 21, 2017 · BTS Reacts - Running Fingers Through Their Hair Kim Namjoon: Namjoon has fallen asleep on your shoulder while the two of you were watching a movie. He wouldn’t be able to comprehend how cute you were all snuggled up Jun 15, 2016 · BTS Reaction to You Sleeping In Their Bed While You're Sick A/N: There’s so many reactions that are going to come out this week, heads up baby stars! Keep smiling and I hope you enjoy this and your BTS. Bts Reaction to you collapsing due to malnutrition . Originally posted by laurenj-hope Anonymous said: Bts reaction to you catching them kissing someone else but they didn't want her at all but you're still very upset PLEASE Answer: I’m girlfriend zoning this. bts reaction to you falling asleep on them He would find it so cute. And when you appeared in his house without bra on, because you were using an strapless shirt, he felt flirted. Reaction to you back hugging them Reaction to you falling asleep next to them Reaction to going through a haunted house with you Reaction to you guys being at the beach Reaction to you having bad period cramps Reaction: waking you up in the morning. Bts Reaction to you falling asleep on a road trip . - Oct 20, 2016 · Your kids would get on great with Hobi when you introduced them to him, and they’d spend most of the day playing games and messing around with him. He grinned realizing you were asleep and completely forgot about the Aug 11, 2015 · You hadn’t seen him in weeks because of promotions. V BTS Reactions | You Fall Asleep On Him A/N: Requests open. ’’, so he just pretends he’s sleeping it’s not Seventeen Reaction: S/O Falling Asleep on Them [gif credit] THIS IS THE CUTEST CONCEPT LIKE UWU Seungcheol: his heart would melt. On one hand he’d want to look at your cute sleeping BTS reaction to you cuddling them in your sleep. bts reaction to you falling asleep on them